It is a piece of common information that carpet is among the most preferred floor material by not just Americans but also people around the globe — both in residential and commercial places. There are many reasons to this: first, it warm and cozy that provides more comfort to the feet; second, it is easy to maintain and clean especially when hiring a carpet cleaning Santa Fe; and third, it offers different varieties, patterns, and designs. 

If you are interested in knowing the different types of fibers used in carpet, you may find this article interesting.  

The common types of fibers used are polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, and wool. The following are the details for each fiber.  

1.Cut Pile 

Because the exposed fibers are sheared off, this carpet has a soft, easy-to-clean surface. Also, there can be different styles and designs that can be made when different treatments are used. It also comes with different thicknesses and lengths, making it fitting for different room spaces.  

However, one of the drawbacks of this kind is it makes vacuum trails and it is also not as durable as the others.  


It is considered as the synthetic version of wool as it looks and feels like real and authentic wool. What is great about this carpet is that t is resistant to fading, fraction, staining, and moisture but is not very durable compared to wool and other carpet materials.  


Its fiber is known to be very effective in holding colors, hence making it more resistant and durable. In addition, this type of carpet can be made with recycled plastic bottles or known as PET, which is at the same time non-allergenic. However, there two drawbacks to this kind of carpet. First, the fibers are very susceptible to oil, and once stained, it will be difficult to be removed. Second, the surface is very prone to flattening, thus it is not ideal for places and areas with high traffic.  


Its fibers are very resistant to abrasion and stains and are known as durable and soft. And since it is also resistant to mildew, rot, mold, and wear and tear, it is the most popular kind of carpet used with an estimate of 90% use among the residential carpets. This carpet can last up to 15 years but is cheaper than wool.  

5.Polypropylene (Olefin) 

With up to 80% users, this carpet is the second to the most purchased and preferred carpet among the list available. Its fibers are similar to wool and are highly resistant to stain. However, this carpet it susceptible to oil and soiling.  

6.Frieze-cut pile 

This carpet has long cut fibers that are twisted and kinked, which causes everything to curl erratically across the surface. It effectively hides dirt and is ideal for areas that are high-traffic. 

Final Thoughts 

When it comes to deciding of what carpet must be used, it is important to consider the kind of fibers you fancy as well as other factors like cost, durability, and quality. No matter what kind of material you prefer, make sure that you know its qualities and how it should be maintained.