Why Basements Are One of the Scariest Locations in Horror and What Can You Do

Amid the exercise equipment, boxes of old and forgotten things, bottles of wine, and a very cold and strange ambiance that basements provide, you probably have seen movies with buried bodies, serial killers, and vengeful spirits dwelling in the basements.  

There is no wonder why is this so. Generally, basements are dark, windowless, and pungent that it makes the ideal place for bad and ugly things to happen. Sure enough, those depicted in the movies are never near to what is happening in real life. Real-life events even offer basement finishing South Shore MA, and other services that transform your basement. So, why do movies portray basements as the territory of the known? 

Being at the lowest level of the house, there is no wonder why basements are often associated with horror as it is the very place that is too far from people‚Äôs reach. This also makes it ideal for horror movies: the audience will be provided with a place where there is a lot of shaded parts of the house. If you try to look at these horror movies, basements are very good when it comes to providing the ideal space for negative and ugly things like monsters, killers, and ghosts.  

The enclosed space that this room provides also makes it very good for horror stuff. Basements, similar to the attic, are very closed, with only little light is seen. Of course, it is rare to find some basements with windows, as most of them are dark and have no openings. The closed atmosphere of basements is also what makes them very good for stories that involve hiding, killing, and secretive things.   

Of course, basements are not the only place that sets a good atmosphere for scary things. However, it has all the qualifications in order to be the setting of these horror activities. Some movies include The Blair Witch Project, The Conjuring IT, and many more.  

What relevance this offer you? Although most people understand that all of these are just made in front of the camera, and nothing in these stories is true, it still provides the fact that basements are always susceptible to unknown things because they are generally messy, dark, swamped, and scary. This is why cleaning, lighting, and maintaining the basement we have in our house becomes relevant. Aside from making it less scary, you will also prevent other creatures like roaches and rodents to live in the house preventing some diseases that these creatures give.  

Furthermore, the movies that we see in T.V reflect something that most homeowners tend to overlook. Basements can be the very place where things could happen, therefore making it a very ideal place for fun activities, if seen in a lighter perspective. This is the very reason why some homeowners renovate their basement as a good place for doing recreational activities and entertainment. It provides some good characteristics of this: good sound insulation, it is hidden in plain sight and is very spacious.  

Instead of making and allowing things to get scary in your basements, why not exploit the qualities that basement spaces have?