Wallpaper Versus Paint: Which Is Better?

When planning for the correct wall design and cover in your house, there are two options ready to be made available: wall paint or wallpaper. The debate on which among these two is economical, more protective, sealant, and decorative has been going for several years, and now is the time to put an end to this debate. Wallpapers are the newer version while wall paint is the traditional way of decorating and protecting the house‚Äôs walls. Painters South Shore MA provides excellent quality wall paint and painting services to its clients.  

When planning between these two options, it is important to take into consideration the factors that may affect you. Your requirements and preferences are what needed to make the final decision.  


When it comes to costs, there are two contributing factors: size and quality. Whether paint or wallpaper, the size of your walls, and the amount of material you will be needing will greatly affect the overall cost of the material that you choose. Moreover, the quality also determines the cost. There are cheaper paints as well as cheaper wallpaper, regardless of size.  

In general, however, wallpapers are more expensive than wall paint. Quality wallpapers that are as durable and long-lasting as any wallpaper can be more expensive than any normal wall paint.  

Both wallpaper and wall paint will be needing a contractor for the best installation.  


Overall, wallpapers are more durable and long-lasting so long as they do not get wet. Excellent quality wallpapers can last more than a decade compared to paint. Wall paint, no matter how excellent quality it is, may still need to be repainted as it will always look dull after several years. For durability, wallpapers are the ideal choice, making them cost-effective.  


If you opt for a DIY, both materials may need time to be installed or put finally. On the one hand, wall paint will need more time as the painting will need to be manually done by hand. In addition, when repainting involves scraping off the old paint and conditioning the wall for the new paint, the project will be longer. On the other hand, putting wallpaper may not need such amount of time, but it needs careful installation as once put, you will have a difficult time readjusting. Also, similar to the painting job, if it also involves scraping off old wallpaper, the whole project will also take a longer time. For a time, painting is more convenient and versatile.  


Whether you choose a wallpaper or a wall paint, both of these materials can be less or more susceptible to damage and natural wear and tear. This just depends on the quality of the material that also determines its durability and longevity. Wallpapers have the tendency to peel off, while paint has the tendency to chip. Overall, both of them are susceptible to damage and may need regular maintenance, depending on the quality of materials used.  


Wall paint offers variation of colors for your house. It also offers types: water or oil-based, and different finishes like gloss, semi-gloss, or matte. Wallpapers, however, offer different designs, patterns, and paper type.